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Inlet - The company

Inlet Technologies has, since starting in 1995, strived to bring innovative solutions and products to market for the benefit of its customers and wider community. Over the years we have built up capabilities and skillsets that help solve the most difficult IT challenges. Our customers recognise and value our unique ability to provide top quality consulting, technology and support services. Inlet has also created products and solutions to complete missing parts of a specific solution. Inlet has three service divisions and a product group:

  • Technology Services
  • Support Centre Services
  • Business Solutions
  • Products

Inlet approaches these services as an integrated, project-by-project process, enabling IT leaders to control their destiny and earn investment trust by providing corporate leadership with enhanced IT business services and stepwise ROI. We are recognised for our ability to provide consulting services by focusing on a healthy balance of people, process and technology.

Our Promise

Your life is complicated enough. The last thing you need is another industry acronym. Another list of top 10 challenges. Another vendors-specific vision of the future. So here’s our promise to you: We’ll be the real deal. We’ll stay abreast of the latest and greatest industry and technology buzz. We’ll separate fact from fiction. We’ll listen to you and learn from you. We’ll talk to you in a language you and your organisation can understand. We’ll help you apply the IT processes, practices, and technologies that will enable your department and your company to achieve a higher level of IT value.

Curious about our name?

In 1995 during a rebranding exercise and thinking about a new name for the fledgling company, Sue, one of the company directors who had a home on Waiheke Island overlooking Little Oneroa Bay came up with the name! She saw the name Inlet Technologies, as a vehicle as an "inlet" into technology, and to that end, we've been looking to provide our customers that "inlet" into technology that would make a difference to the task at hand, ever since.